Residential window cleaning

External window cleaning only.

Frames, sills, patio doors, front doors and any conservatory windows are included in every clean.


Flow uses a van-mounted water-fed pole system and so we’re able to transport filtered pure water in our van straight to your home.

Our van has Flow signage on it, so you’ll see us arriving at your home. Once we‘ve parked up we simply switch on the water pump on our van-mounted system and filtered pure water is sent at high-pressure through our re-enforced hoses and out of the soft brush-head at the end of our light carbon-fibre telescopic pole. The gentle scrubbing motion of the brush-head, along with the constant flow of high-pressured water, will completely clean all the dirt off your windows and doors. After a final thorough rinse, the glass will dry spot/streak-free, therefore without the need for us to dry the glass with a cloth.

Window cleaning - SillsThe filtered pure water we use will dry spot/streak-free even when we’ve cleaned your windows in the rain.  After it has stopped raining, and the rain and filtered pure water has evaporated off your windows, you’ll see that your windows will be spot/streak-free. After-all, rain water is also pure water. We never use tap water to clean your windows! This is because tap water will leave spotting/streaks on your windows after the water droplets evaporate – a good analogy of this is to take a look at what tap water does over time to the inside of your kettle.

The height we extend our pole doesn’t affect the pressure of the water cleaning your windows. Our light carbon-fibre poles extend to any upstair windows that are directly above conservatory roofs as well as reaching up to third-floor​ windows or dorma windows.

We are uniformed and welcoming at all times, a reflection of the friendly and professional service we provide. We will always provide the same comprehensive clean of your frames, sills, doors and any conservatory windows at every clean.

We offer every customer with a regular monthly window clean service, all year round, come rain or shine. We’ll always text you the day before every clean to remind you that your window clean is due. This text will also remind you to provide us with necessary access to the back of your home if ever you aren’t home on the day we clean your windows, therefore allowing you to unlock any gates or the garage door, if required.

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